How I Chose the Best Pram for My Baby

babytransitEvery parent love their babies and wants only the best for them. This is why they buy brand new and high-quality products that will cater to their every need. If you are a new parent, you would want to provide a comfortable space for your child when travelling and in most countries they choose to buy prams. Prams have been around for a long time and have proven to be the best choice for newborn babies. They help keep the babies comfortable when they are taking their rest because they can lie flat on them. It also helps parents transport them from room to room because they are mobile and can be pushed around. Plenty of manufacturers are into the pram business, but only a few are trustworthy. If you are out looking for the best pram for your baby, refer to this guide for tips.

Consider the prams’ weight

Prams are heavy, and some can weigh up to 15kg without your child in it. There are some prams that can go as light at 8kg like the Redsbaby bounce but even for some mothers; they can be awfully heavy. When you choose a pram that you want to buy, think if you are able to lift it when you have to and make your decision based on that. There are benefits of staying physically active in this situation. You can easily carry heavier prams.

Find out if you can fold it easily.

Some prams are too complicated that it’s almost impossible for you to fold them. Don’t be fooled by sales people who can do it “just like that” because they have been trained to do it. Instead, try folding the pram on your own to know if you can do it easily. This is an important factor to consider because you will probably do this everyday when you take put the baby in and take out the baby from the pram. Modern strollers don’t have this kind of problem as they’re all made to be easily folded.

Consider your child’s age

Newborns have not developed the necessary strength in the neck to support their head. Because of this, you need to choose a pram that is flat or one that comes with a removable bassinette. There are newborn options that some prams feature. Make sure to ask the sales person about their newborn options when it comes to prams.

Reverse features

There are front-facing prams, but not all of them allow your baby to look at you all the time. If you want to have your baby look at your face during the early weeks, you need to consider a reverse function for your pram. This feature will allow you to choose if you want your baby to face you or see the world when they get older.

What’s your budget?

This is the most important thing to consider because prams are not cheap. Before you even start shopping, decide on a budget that you’re willing to shell out for your pram. Another option is to start window shopping for prams and then check if you can get them cheaper through online stores. You can also consider accessories that you want to add to your purchase like sun and rain cover or trays for your baby.

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