Watching “The Hunger Games” and Exploring bows

The Hunger games made a huge impact to cinema fanatics when it hit the big screen. Everyone’s favorite character is Katniss Everdeen played by Jennifer Lawrence who utilizes a crossbow as her weapon. Because of Katniss’ skills and charm in the movie, many women (and men) who watched it became curious in learning how to use a bow. This opened the doors of normal people to archery. Archery is a sport where you can learn how to focus more and be more disciplined, just like Katniss. Learning archery is not that simple and you have to really devote time to be better at your craft. The first thing that you need to have if you want to try archery is a good bow. There are many types of bow that can be used to learn archery but the best bow to begin with is the compound bow. Most training organizations choose to give their instructions out using a compound bow to  make it easier for beginners to follow.  If you are new to exploring bows and want to know which compound bow to choose, here are the best ones being sold today.

Bear Archery Empire

This bow is said to be the perfect mix of forgiveness, speed and balance. This bow features a fast and flexible cam that is engineered by the most popular names in the industry. It has a quiet and easy to draw and shoot bow to keep you constantly shooting. This bow has received so many positive comments from satisfied customers and is chosen as one of the best overall performance bow sold today.

Genesis Original Bow

Although it has a filmic appearance, you won’t really think of this bow as a toy. This solid piece of equipment has a long life span and is very durable. The well respected archery in schools program picked this bow as their main bow to use when giving out instructions because it is very easy to setup as well as shoot. This beginner bow received a lot of positive reviews from archers worldwide. They praised the combination of flexibility, performance and ease of the bow. Because many training organizations use this bow for their beginning classes, you are sure that you are getting the value for your money. This bow also features an adjustable draw length which makes it suitable for female and children who are only beginning in archery.

Bear Siren

While some girls may not have a tough time using a regular bow, some might need something specially made for them. The Bear Siren is a great bow for ladies who are starting to learn archery and is made by one of the top bow makers in the industry. You can choose from different draw length options and it also features an axle to axle length that is slightly longer for a more stable feeling. The Bear Siren is a product of many years of research and was specifically made to address the needs of women who are serious about getting a good bow.

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